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SuperSub Sportsystems has dedicated itself to innovation. 
Our systems are a unique, global phenomenon.

Working with cellular concrete is, in and of itself, innovative. Especially when you compare it to the carting around of materials necessary for the traditional construction of sports pitches. Cellular concrete allows for all kinds of innovative constructions: systems which are a response to large, social issues like climate mitigation.

All SuperSub constructions reduce transport operations by 90 percent. 
After all, the material itself is manufactured onsite. Furthermore, hardly any excavation work needs to take place in advance. This results in huge CO2 savings and dramatically cuts transport costs.

Our PushSub system creates a closed water balance and dramatically reduces 
the use of algaecides. Our Collector system even allows you to generate heat via the pitch, which allows you to heat your club’s building quickly and economically.

SuperSub SportSystems offers well thought-out solutions for sports pitch foundations. 
Get the most out of your sports pitch with our smart components!


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