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Corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship are important themes for our company. People, Planet and Profit are the departure points:

We care about the people who work for us and for those who don’t. For example, our systems require 90% fewer transport operations, which results in a 90% nuisance reduction, lower CO2 emissions and higher safety levels.

The use of cellular concrete also results in considerably lower CO2 emissions. Additionally, the material itself is fully circular. Cellular concrete is completely recyclable at the end of its life cycle. This means it remains a fully-fledged product during its second life cycle. This is also the case for our SubTiles.

Profits and sustainable, affordable sport bases can go hand-in-hand. We constantly aim to create the right balance between finances and the best interests of humankind and the environment.

Sustainability is hard to define. However, we know one thing for certain: using 20 lorries is more sustainable than using 500 lorries.

SuperSub SportSystems offers well thought-out solutions for sports pitch foundations. 
Get the most out of your sports pitch with our smart components!


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